Works In Progress


My 2018 NaNoWriMo novel offers us a disturbingly bleak peek into a nowhere town where the good, salt of the earth folks struggle to make ends meet.  This little slice of heaven may be in its final death throes but don't tell the townsfolk that. Come Sunday if you're giving it all to God, then all else is forgiven. Even if, unfortunately, no money, no prospects, and nothing to do lead some to darker forms of entertainment to pass the time. 


Sure, you could stop in for a glass of Aunt May's famous ice tea if you happen to be passing through, but if it were me, I would keep on driving.

In fact, I highly suggest you do too, my friend. 


Nowhere and Nothing is currently being revised and prepped for editing.

The current anticipated release date is Fall 2020. 

Photo by John Klishin on Unsplash


One Up is the working title for my 2019 NaNoWriMo novel. 


Boys will be boys, or so they say. A little competition never hurt anybody. All in all, it's just good clean fun.  Nothing to worry about, really... 

He had only been in town for a few weeks and it was pretty apparent that this town gave a lot of grace to its boys. Well, the All-American ones anyway. The misfits were ignored at best and outright shit on a bad day. He had his work cut out for him but that was okay. Anything was better than where he came from. He was the only surviving teacher to walk out of the prestigious prep school that was shot up last year. He was somewhat of a hero. He had shot the last shooter with his own gun before walking out the front door with a limp girl in his arms. It was quite the photograph. He had been asked on talk shows and sent proposals 


Worse Comes To Worst is currently in the outline and story development stage. I am planning on using the "Save The Cat! Writes A Novel" structure to outline. I'm a diehard pantser not necessarily by choice, more by pure laziness. So I am definitely trying something new with outlining  ahead of time.