White Papers

Prices Start At 

$150 minimum per page 

*Price will depend on the scope of the work


  • A white paper is an in-depth report meant to educate, persuade, or offer a solution on a specific topic or problem.  


  • With your needs, goals, and objectives driving the way, we'll build a game plan that delivers real results. You'll always be in the know as we meticulously create a custom-tailored paper designed specifically for your target audience featuring your idea or product. The endgame? To make them wonder why the hell they didn't think of this great idea themselves and leave them fighting over who is first in line to get it.  

Content Creation

Prices Start At

$0.20 per word

$50 minimum


*Retainers, flat rates and bulk discounts available on some projects. Email for more information.


  • Anything and everything from Magazine Articles, Blog Posts, Email Campaigns, Business Correspondence, Personal Correspondence, etc. fall into this category. 


  • We create potent content that sticks to the reader's ribs. It should invoke genuine emotions and feel authentic and honest. Bullshit fluff that rings dishonest in the reader's ear should remain on the cutting room floor. Period. 

  • Professional subject matter specialties; small business development, human resources topics, company culture development, emotions/relationships in the workplace, leadership development, entrepreneurial issues, etc.

  • Personal subject matter specialties; giant breed ownership, dog ownership, vintage sewing, costume sewing, quilting, art and craft topics, parenting, raising boys, self-development, emotion-based issues in relationships, grief management and recovery, victim assistance, homelessness, volunteering and community building, etc.

  • If you don't see a particular topic mentioned, please reach out and let's chat more

      about what you have in mind. 


Prices Start At 

$0.20 per word

$50 minimum


*Retainers, flat rates and bulk discounts available on some projects. Email for more information.


  • Copywriting is all about the seduction, baby. Exceptional copy can make your brand or product glow in advertising. Most importantly; it turns customers into putty in your hands.


  • We get the ball rolling by really nailing down your unique brand voice. We want to know what makes your ideal client tick and how it's you that will serve them best.

  • Then it's off to the drawing board to build custom dynamic copy that lets your business's personality shine through in the marketplace. 

  • We love sock-them-in-the-gut, bold, in-your-face copy. If that curls your toes too, that's cool - we've got you covered.

  • Is a gentler touch what you have in mind? No problem, we'll light the candles and run the bubble bath, throw a few rose petals on the bed and they won't know what hit them. 

  • Look, you've got the good stuff. You know it, and I know it. It's high time we tell the others. Are you ready to let the cat out of the bag on how amazing your business is? 

Beta Reading

Prices Start At

$.008 per word.  

$25 minimum

*Occasionally I will have opportunities for trade available. (In lieu of payment)   


  • An alpha reader is a beautiful way to test the waters with your story and to what works and what doesn't. An alpha reader comes in at the beginning of the story development process and usually reads after the first draft but before the first edit. They offer a broad view of how the overall story works. An alpha reading is a big-picture review. 

  • ​A good beta reader is worth their weight in gold. They will give you honest feedback that is thorough, specific, and designed to help you fine-tune your work. Beta reading is usually done after editing and should be a more detailed review. (This is not a substitute of formal editing.) 


  • Your writing is read and reviewed in a safe, confidential, and judgment-free zone while keeping in mind the objectives for your project.

  • We return a comprehensive report filled with feedback that will help you refine your work and take it to the next level. 

  • Additional notes will be added within the manuscript to round out the review.

  • We throw in the added bonus of very light copyediting. **Meaning that we will fix the small mechanical stuff that we happen to catch as we read. This will not be the focus of the review, it will not be completely thorough and should not replace professional editing. (I just can't help but fix something if I see it. It's a compulsion. Ya feel me?)

  • We stay available to you for further questions and clarifications as needed. 

  • We offer both alpha and beta reading services. There are limited openings available at this time. Please email us for availability or to be placed on the waitlist.   


  • Everyone needs a fresh pair of eyes on their writing!  

  • Often it is more beneficial to have someone outside of your immediate circle be the first to view your work.  Those who are closest to you may not give the most useful feedback. Whether it's to spare hurt feelings or due to not fully understanding what a beta reader does, it can be tricky to get needed information from loved ones. As an impartial beta reader, we will be honest and transparent with you at all times even if it stings a little. 

  • We know that handing your project over to someone is such a huge step! It can be scary and nervewracking. We understand how tender those feelings can be as you wait for feedback. To be able to read and give feedback on these budding works is such an honor that we don't take lightly.

Accountability Partnerships 

Prices Start At

$25 per hour.  


  • The development stage of your project can be tricky and overwhelming. Sometimes you need someone to help you see the big picture or sharpen the focus on the fine details. That's where we come in.


  • We act as your guidance counselor, cheerleader, taskmaster, confidant, and coach all rolled into one.

  • We work with you to get you over the hurdles (internal or external) between where you are now and where you want to be.


  • Writing - plotline development, character development.

  • Business - business startup guidance, brand voice development, company culture development, policy and handbook development, applicant screening techniques, etc. 

  • Personal development - job interview prep (on both sides of the desk), business meeting prep, resume and cover letter review, overcoming new project fears, etc.


  • Everyone has dreams they are chasing. More often than not, that's what they stay - just dreams. Why is that? What if they could become your reality? Whether it's finally writing that book that's been screaming to get out, starting or growing your business, going after that perfect job or getting the raise you deserve...we all could use a cheerleader now and again. Maybe even a little tough love occasionally too. 


  • After years in the business management and human resources world, I realized what delighted me most was watching the seed of a dream grow and bloom. 

  • I've been there. I am currently growing my own business and truly understand how much having a dependable support network helps. I also understand how sometimes those closest to you may not fit that bill. 

  • I'm a sucker for a success story. I'm seriously always rooting for the underdog or the little guy. I can't get enough of seeing someone take pride in themselves, find the fighter inside and push through to the next level. Having a front-row seat is the best thing ever. 

  • Being judgment-free and inclusive is my thing! There is pretty much nothing you could say that would shock me. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes, and I love them all. So lay it on me, bring me your wacky, not safe for grandma, craziest ideas and let's make that shit happen. 

  • Bonus - I don't expect anyone to buy the cow without a little taste of the milk first. I offer free walk & talk sessions so you can get to know me better before we become best buds. Walking is not your happy place? No problem, we can schedule a 15-minute introductory phone call to help break the ice. 

  • Finally - I LOVE helping people!

Walk & Talk



  • A Walk & Talk session is a different type of casual "business" meeting. Frog and I would love for you to join us as we amble along the quaint streets of downtown Edmonds, WA. We'll use this time to chat about your project, goals, and dreams. (Or anything else that strikes your fancy.) All while Frog cruises the streets looking for treats and belly rubs.

  • Please note - Frog is a real live pup who quickly overheats in warm weather and tends to take lots of breaks during his strolls. Due to this, walk & talk sessions happen at his speed and adjustments to length and route may be done for his comfort and stamina and will be dependent on the weather's cooperation.

  • As far as Frog is concerned, walking is more about socializing than the actual exercise so plan on a slow and easy walk with the occasional interruptions as he stops to greet his fans. 

  • Frog thanks you for understanding!