Hi, I’m Judy!

I'm a creative writer with a supersized passion for helping others. ​

     Most recently, in my career, I worked in HR management, where I could both help others and put my creative writing skills to work. Creating copy and content for a growing business was a blast; other parts of the job not so much.          

   It was my responsibility to do some seriously unfun things like disciplining and firing people. (Which is not nearly as much fun as it sounds like it would be, trust me.)   


After a few too many years in that role, the scales started tipping, and the good no longer outweighed the bad. I needed a significant change, fast!  

     So I did what any reasonable gal would do (ha!) and left an excellent position to jump headfirst into starting my own freelance writing company. Now I am the luckiest of all the ducks and get to do what I love best - offer my writing services full time to others while hanging out with my entrepreneurial support dog, Frog! Life is good!

You're looking at four-year-old me, my first Saint Bernard, Buster and my big brother Sean.
This is the exact moment when Saint Bernards became the benchmark that all other dogs were judged against.  Pure bliss.